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Wilma Seppälä is a dance artist based between Finland and Sweden. In 2021 she graduated from the dance performance programme in Stockholm University of the Arts. Wilma is working widely within dance, performance, choreography and dance teaching.

  In her artistic work Wilma works with movement and somatics around themes like emotions, pleasure and drama. She loves to dive into details both as a dancer and as a choreographer and find big worlds in small things. For her dance offers a possibility for focus, resting and being active simultaneously. Currently Wilma is interested in personal and collective unconscious, being around things she doesn’t understand and the co-existence of silence and high frequency in movement.

  As a dancer Wilma has worked with Sanna Söderholm, Katrín Gunnarsdóttir, Amanda Piña, Wilhelmina Ojanen and Hooman Sharifi amongst many others. Between 2018 and 2022 she collaborated with juggler Onni Toivonen and musician-sound designer Konsta Leinonen in Amalgam which is a performance about the collision of dance, juggling and sound. 



2018 - 2021 BA in Dance Performance, SKH, Stockholm University of the Arts

2015 - 2017 Vocational Qualification in Dance, North Karelia College Outokumpu

2014 - 2015 Theatre programme 1, Lahti Folk High School

2011 - 2013 Matriculation examination, Tampere Arts-Oriented Senior Secondary School (TYK)

Work as a dancer/performer

2023 Hermostoromahdus, director: Maiju Saarinen, TTT residency, Tampere

2023- A Story, choreography: Sanna Söderholm, Handenterminalen Konst, Stockholm

2023 ALDA, choreography: Katrín Gunnarsdóttir, Finlayson Art Area, Tampere

2023 Dancing Feast, choreography: Sebastian Lingserius, Stockholm

2022 Matters of Care (or every thing we do), choreography: Wilhelmina Ojanen, Tampere

2018-2022 Amalgam, collaboration with juggler Onni Toivonen and musician Konsta Leinonen

2022 Quööriem, choreography: Sanna Söderholm (Uncover Choreography), Stockholm

2022 Tira Kuna, choreography: Amanda Piña, Havremagasinet, Boden, Sweden

2021 becoming-with, choreography: Wilhelmina Ojanen, Pirkanmaa Dance Center 

2021 Narttu Live (työnimi) director: Meri-Maija Näykki, Täsmäteatteri, Tampere

2021 My Friend Little Fuzzy Buzzer, choreography: Elina Jakowleva, Dance Theatre MD

2021 Tira Kuna - Dances of Earth, choreography: Amanda Piña, Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH)

2020 For Instance, choreography: Michikazu Matsune, SKH

2020 While they are floating, choreography: Hooman Sharifi, SKH

2019 Hosting Hosts, choreography: Thiago Granato, SKH

2017-2018 CAYA (Come As You Are), choreography: Niina Rajaniemi, Pirkanmaa Dance Center


2022 6-month personal working grant (corona grant), Arts Promotion Center Finland

2021 3-month personal working grant (corona grant), Arts Promotion Center Finland



Cristina Caprioli, Zoë Poluch, Ulrika Berg, Chrysa Parkinson, David Zambrano, Sonya Lindfors, Alma Söderberg, Anna Grip and Elina Pirinen among others

Work as a choreographer

2022 Garden (work-in-process), PDC residency

2021 Narttu Live (työnimi), Täsmäteatteri, Tampere

2021 Act Four: Scene of Sentimentality, SKH

2020 Kämänen Catwalk - a dance flashmob,

Legioonateatteri, Tampere

2020 Lady, SKH

2019 In the Garden, SKH

2019 Spring, SKH

2018 Amalgam

2017 Insomnia Song, North Karelia College

2017 FLESH//SHIVER, North Karelia College

2017 Kielipiteitä, Tampereen Ylioppilasteatteri

2016 Hoo&Ämmä, North Karelia College

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